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  PROBUS Pickering Lakeside

Liability Waiver and Assumption of Risk:

I acknowledge that any activity sanctioned by PROBUS Pickering Lakeside Club, in which I am participating, may involve risks which are beyond the control of the Club.  Notwithstanding the acknowledgement of such risks, I hereby release PROBUS Pickering Lakeside, its officers, directors, volunteers and members from all claims for damage or injury arising as a result of my participation in activities organized by the Club.  I agree to pay the cost of any emergency evacuation of my person and belongings that may be necessary.

I affirm that, for any specific activity organized by the club, I will make myself fully aware of its length, duration and degree of difficulty and that I will be properly equipped and physically able to participate. 

This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario.  This liability waiver applies to me, my personal representatives, successors, heirs or assigns.

Member communications and confidentiality of Information:

PROBUS Pickering Lakeside uses email as its primary means of communication to members and it is a club requirement that each individual member has their own unique email address.

Please note that PROBUS Pickering Lakeside, will never share any of your registration details with any organization or person outside of the club.  However, we do make available a Membership List to its members which will include your name, phone number and email address.   We do not share address or any other details of your registration.   If you do not wish to have your email or phone # displayed on our site, you can update the Privacy Settings in your profile (contact our webmaster if you need help with this).  

Use of Photo Likenesses:

PROBUS Pickering Lakeside may occasionally take pictures of its participants for use in promotional materials or publications (newsletter, websites, etc.).   By acknowledging that you have read this, you agree to allow PROBUS Pickering Lakeside to reproduce the likeness of you as it relates to club activities. 

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