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  PROBUS Pickering Lakeside

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In addition to regularly scheduled activities, Probus Pickering Lakeside organizes one-time activities of interest for our membership.  

Our Social Committee is always looking for new club ideas.  Many of these clubs start off here in Miscellaneous as one time events in order to judge membership interest.  Some clubs that started here include Meals Out, Bowling, Bingo and Cribbage.

Our Durham - Lynne Stewart brings new speakers in on a regular basis to talk about a vast array of interesting subjects.  Some previous subjects include:

Apr 2022 - Galapagos Islands Travelogue

Mar 2022 - Singapore Travelogue

Mar 2022 - Foodbank Tour

Feb 2022 - Nepal Travel Log

Nov 2021 - Project Feederwatch

Oct 2021 - Fall Gardening

Aug 2021 - The Toronto Zoo

July 2021 - Kilimanjaro Travel Log

Upcoming events

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